Get Your Mental Reps In

You hear all the time to get your reps in when dealing with physical fitness, but what about your mental fitness?  What are you doing to strengthen your brain? 

Let me Introduce you to a simple system that helps with cognitive conditioning. It’s called MVP - Meditate, Visualize, Positive self-talk. 

I learned this system from one of the founders of Lucid Mental Performance (which is an app endorsed by ballers like Brandon Marshall and Aaron Gordon). It was designed by Mental Skills Coach, Graham Betchart. Graham was mentored by Kobe and Michael Jordan’s Mental Coach, George Mumford. 

Coach Betchart and NBA superstar Aaron Gordon 

Coach Betchart and NBA superstar Aaron Gordon 

If the GOATs like MJ and the Mamba are getting their mental game on, I think you could benefit from 1-5 minutes a day of closing your eyes and getting your mind right. 

My buddy Tanner P and I recently recorded a podcast on the topic to help you learn this system. Listen to Master Your Mindset Podcast here. 

Lets go!!! The body has limits, but the mind is limitless. Don’t forget to get your mental reps in daily. 

Collin Henderson