Podcasts = Free College


With this crazy invention called the Internet, we have at our disposal an endless amount of information. Also, the smart phone as made access to this information so accessible, even an eight year old can do it. 

Whats your ROI (Return On Investment) on all of the apps you have? ...SnapChat, Netflix, endless social media scrolling... do these make you better? I’m pleading with you to tap into the free resource that Google and Apple have provided with the App Store and the already downloaded Podcast App on your iPhone. Interviews with thought leaders in your field are waiting for you. Are you utilizing this amazing platform that was nonexistent 15-20 years ago. People who sought knowledge used to have to pay to read it or attend a lecturer/seminar. 

Listen to one episode a week on your drive to and from school/work, exercising, doing chores, or whenever it’s convenient to listen to wisdom. 

Below is a podcast I recorded as a guest with The Mindstrong Project (Mart & the Fishbowl). Harv and Fish are mental skills coaches who are doing big things in the Minnesota area. Their passion, courage, and vision to help performers of all levels improve their breathing, mindfulness, and connection with self and others is inspiring. Listen to our episode here. 

The Mindstrong Project duo Mart (in the hat) and Fish

The Mindstrong Project duo Mart (in the hat) and Fish

Lastly, my homie Tanner P. and I dropped Episide 9 on the power of goal setting from our podcast Master Your Mindset. Click here to listen, then follow us to get future episodes. 

 If the body has limits but the mind is limitless, what are you doing to feed your mind with positive information? Use Podcasts as a tool to not only when the inner-game, but be your best self as well.  

Collin Henderson