Client Testimonials

Collin gave us the mental tools to improve our performance, play together as a team, and have a unified vision – which helped us win the State Championship.
— Marc Wiese, Puyallup High School Baseball, Head Coach

Whether in sports, business, or other walks of life, the more you can access flow, the better you will perform. Collin will help you get there.
— Jason Johnson, Canadian Football League Grey Cup Champion, Emmy Award Winning Film Maker

Collin’s program helped our sales force go from the bottom to number one in the nation. We got back to the fundamentals and had more fun in the process. Thank you for working with our team to help improve our mindset, habits, and culture.
— Dusty Bailey, Regional Director, Paychex

Collin’s book, Project Rise, is in my top three of most valuable books of all-time. I’ve read it twice! What Collin has done is broken down the laws of success into a simple, yet powerful system. Collin will no doubt transform your business if you are open to follow his lead.
— Sandy Thompson, National Sales Director BD Medical, EndoUrology Division

Collin brings incredible simplicity and proven methods to training and mastering our mindset. His energy and very genuine care for others to become great is what makes him stand alone in this field.
— Brent Lillibridge, Director BASE By Pros Major League Baseball Veteran

When feeling pressure to achieve my sales goals late in the year, Collin provided me with the tools I needed to generate a record month and close what seemed to be an insurmountable gap. He challenged me to slow down and focus on the process instead of just looking for the results. His advice encouraged me to be grateful for the little things each day and look for ways to contribute to the goals of those around me rather than just my own. The shift in mindset from “me” to “we” enabled me to tear through the rest of the year and deliver results that initially felt impossible. The time between hearing his advice and looking up to see I had blown past my sales goal was a blur; I was in a flow state.
— Jared Fox, Sales Professional Chicago, Illinois
Collin has built a fantastic program for strengthening the performance of a wide variety of team environments. Our work together reinvigorated our sense of self empowerment, mindset, and focus. The best part where the unexpected epiphanies resulting in the heightened communication and collaboration for unified success. Our time with Collin was very well spent!
— Tracie Hall, Regonal Manager, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Collin had our team at Manna Insurance Group go from laughing, to tears, showing off dance moves and setting goals that have now helped take our sales to a whole new level! Having our team understand how the mind works and the power of a positive mindset and coaching yourself has been so valuable to our team. If your are looking to get the absolute most out of everyone, I would highly recommend bringing Collin in!
— Daniel Vander Kooi, President/Owner, Manna Insurance Group

If you need a mental skills coach, speaker for your team, or keynote for an event - Collin is your guy! He packages mental training into easy, understandable and applicable nuggets that today’s athletes can relate to and retain. Research driven concepts with evidence-based strategies are brought to life with high energy and incredible passion making it fun, engaging, and highly interactive. As an educator/coach/trainer currently studying pedagogy, he’s really knocked it out of the park with Project Rise and Master Your Mindset. We can’t wait to have him back!
— Jennifer Peterson, Strength and Conditioning Coach Seattle University

Collin is one of the most impactful speakers I’ve ever seen in all my years in collegiate athletics.
— Pat Chun, Athletics Director Washington State University

Collin, thanks for speaking to our leadership team. I was thrilled to see how everyone responded to your message. You gave them short term inspiration and long-term habits that they were able to take away with them and use with their teams. I enjoyed your analogies with both your athletic career and success in your business career. Both give you credibility as a performance coach. Thanks again and I am looking forward to having you back.
— Ron Claudon , President, Valley Buick/GMC

Collin is the best peak performance coach in the world! His work with our girls not only equipped them with key mental skills for softball, but for life as well.
— Sheryl Gilmore, Head Coach Western Washington University Softball
One thing I’ve taken is that a positive mindset leads to positive action. Collin has helped me learn that when I have negative thoughts, I need to hit my reset button and refocus. Shifting my mindset to positive thoughts and focusing on my goals has helped me perform at my highest potential!
— Derek Johnson, Professional Soccer Player, Tacoma Stars

Collin’s work with our team was vital to our success. I wish I had the tools in this book when I played in high school and college.
— Kali Gesser, Head Women’s Volleyball Coach, Pullman High School

Collin brings an energy that is contagious, positive, impactful, and sincere. His delivery and message is relatable to his audience and provides simple but important reminders on how to make you the best you can be. This is just as much a mindset for life as it is for business. My team and I are so grateful for Collin’s ability to influence positive change and results that have impacted each of us in a uniquely beneficial way! Let’s go!
— Ben Belur, Vice President of Sales Capital Benefit Services, Inc.

Being your best is all about staying present in the moment and focusing on the right thoughts and behaviors. Collin has helped me and my athletes with this necessary skill. Collin will get your mind right!
— Jeshua Anderson, Team USA Athlete and Track & Field Coach University of Washington

We have had Collin speak to our students and staff multiple times. His message on having a positive mindset is so valuable and needed. We love how he provides clear tools, while sharing his personal story as well.
— Ben Riippi, Assistant Principle, Glacier View Junior High

I have known Collin for 10 years now. After noticing some of the content he was posting on social media, I decided to give him a call after many years without contact. Though I was succeeding in my job and happily engaged to my now wife, I was struggling to find true happiness. After working with Collin for about 6 months, I have improved my self talk, start everyday by journaling and expressing gratitude, I find myself with a positive attitude and a greater sense of self worth. The mental skills I have learned from Collin have allowed me to focus on what is important!
— Chet McBee, Sales Professional Phoenix, AZ