About project rise

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After dealing with insecurities, fear of failure, and the lie of perfection for most of his life, Collin knew there had to be a different way. Through years of study in positive psychology and tireless application, Collin began to see his confidence and execution soar. With this new found knowledge, Collin wanted to share these same lessons with others. That's why he created Project Rise – to help people be the best version of themselves.

Through Project Rise, Collin specializes in mindset training that provides individuals and organizations the tools to RISE. Built on gratitude and service, Collin has developed strategies to stretch comfort zones, create winning habits, and reach goals once thought unattainable. 





As a former two-sport standout in Division-I athletics, and award winning sales professional and trainer, Collin knows how to get results. Collin offers one-on-one and team training that focuses on playing to one’s strengths and developing a personalized process (daily mental and physical disciplines). Collin will help you develop daily habits that attack fear, feel gratitude, and take massive action. Courage comes before confidence.  Accountability precedes action. Collin has created customized tools to help you identify your goals, hone in on your “why,” develop a plan to execute, which collectively will improve your performance.



Through Collin’s motivational book and blog Project Rise, he has been a sought after speaker in business, athletics, and academia. Collin’s unconventional techniques and fun interactive style engages the audience, creates introspection, and will move you to make positive changes in your life. He uses vulnerability, storytelling, and humor to not only entertain, but create lasting transformation as well.



The body has limits, but the mind is limitless. Through years of research and career reflection, Collin has developed strategies and tools to help individuals and teams improve their mental fitness. He believes that thoughts become things. By taking ownership and filtering one’s thoughts—performance improves. Collin can help you and your team form better mental habits, identify negative thought patterns, create a team-first servant attitude, and learn the mindset patterns of champions. The best version of you begins in the mind—Collin can help you get there.



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