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Through Collin’s motivational blog Project Rise, he has been a sought after speaker in business, athletics, and academia. Collin’s unconventional techniques and fun interactive style engages the audience, creates introspection, and will move you to make positive changes in your life. He uses vulnerability, storytelling, and humor to not only entertain, but create lasting transformation as well.

Popular Talks

  • Master Your Mindset: A User’s Guide To Being Clutch. Collin shares a 6 step process to lower anxiety, increase confidence, and improve performance.

  • ATM: Attitude, Teamwork, Motivation. Learn how to invest in these 3 key areas to produce a winning environment and championship results.

  • Mind of a Champion: This talk focuses on 2 traits all winners possess including dealing with fear and overcoming adversity.

  • Rise Bus: Inspired by Rosa Parks and Jon Gordon’s Energy Bus—perfect for an MLK Day assembly. This talk focuses on team building, having courage, living in your values, and servant leadership.

  • Discover Your Passion: Collin offers a unique 3 step process that helps individuals identify a need, tap into their curiosity, and channel the power of persistent practice.