Collin Henderson

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Collin Henderson

“With a system built on gratitude and service, Collin has developed strategies to stretch comfort zones, create winning habits, and help you reach goals you once thought unattainable. His coaching unleashes passion and is tailored to improve your performance.”


What do you get when you combine a two-sport Division I college athlete, more than 13 years of experience in medical sales with two Fortune 500 companies, a passion for self-improvement, and an intense desire to help others maximize their potential through self-realization and mastering the mind? 

Collin Henderson has realized so much success on his newfound path to mastering his own mind that he developed a coaching platform that allows him to share his journey and insights to help motivate others to reach their peak potential. After years spent chasing the fantasy of perfection, Collin dedicated himself to the process of self-discovery, learning that there was a better way to do life. Though the concepts were relatively simple to understand, integrating them into his life is when the real work began.

Collin’s system promotes and teaches the power of attacking your fears, goal-setting, upgrading your habits, servant leadership, and mastering your mindset. His programs help performers lower stress, increase confidence, and enhance clarity to maximize their potential.

Collin graduated from Washington State University where he earned a Masters Degree in Education and played both baseball and football. He has written multiple books including Project Rise, Flow Journal and Master Your Mindset, which focus on building mental toughness and cultivating winning habits. Collin has obtained multiple certifications as a mental conditioning and high performance coach, and has consulted with organizations like Alaska Airlines, American Family Insurance, Paychex and numerous Division I universities.

Collin’s proudest achievement is his family and according to him, 

"The best version of me is my wife Kendra."

Collin and Kendra have five beautiful children and live in Issaquah, Washington.