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Buy both books and SAVE! (Project Rise)

Buy both books and SAVE! (Project Rise)


Project Rise: 8 Winning Habits to Build the Best Version of You is an uplifting book that provides you with the tools and strategies to be your best self. This book will help you create a vision, a plan, and a "why" behind your goals. Collin uses excellent storytelling from his life experiences as a top performer in athletics and medical sales, and research in the field of self-improvement that will compel you to take action and create lasting change.

Project Rise's content is supported by a separate journaling book called Rise Journal. This daily journaling system is based on the acronym GOALS V: Gratitude, Objective, Affirmation, Learn, Serve, and Visualize. This live changing formula gives context and self reflective questioning to help people face their fears, create clarity, and begin to execute on the necessary steps to make their dreams happen.

Buy both copies now and take the necessary steps to be the best version of you!

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