It’s an Inside Job

Do you ever feel like you’re working really hard… grinding it out in your business, while feeling like you can’t get ahead or like nothing really changes?

If that sounds like you, I have such a perfect resource for you - my dear friend Jessica Page invited me and 20 other incredible experts from around the world to be a part of her online show, The Inside Job: The Entrepreneur’s Voyage to a Soulfully Abundant Life

I’ve grown so much over the years and a huge element of my success as a peak performance coach is due to learning from mentors like Jessica.

 Jessica is an experienced entrepreneur and used to pride herself on being in the grind… working a bazillion hours and telling herself, “success is around the corner if I just work a little harder…”

 Like so many entrepreneurs, she relied solely on the external steps to get results. Then, a few years ago she began doing the inner work, which transformed her life and put her into alignment to receive more joy, fulfillment, love, and abundance. 

If you’re committed to doing the inner work so you can live a soulfully abundant life… I invite you to register to listen to this show for FREE as my guest.  You can register by using this link:

Every day, for 21 days, you’ll receive an email with a video interview from an expert that gives you stories, tips, and actionable strategies to build the business and life you love. 


Here’s what you’ll experience: 

● Short interviews - All the interviews are roughly 30-minutes, making it super easy to tune in.

REAL, RAW conversations – EVERYTHING is covered, from deep intimate, and rich personal relationships, to getting past the smallness of ego-minded fear, and stepping into your truth and greatness faster. I am not only a speaker on the show, but I will be attending as well and I can’t wait to listen to what the other speakers have to share!

● Speakers with Proven Success - Anyone can say they’re an 'expert', but these speakers are published authors, successful entrepreneurs, and influencers who are truly living a soulfullyabundant life. 

 P.S. Imagine if you could learn even ONE strategy to ignite your life just because you said YES to this show. Click on this link, it all starts here. Join us now…

Collin Henderson