Master Your Mindset Podcast

Hey guys! I am so excited to announce that I’m launching a new podcast, with my buddy Tanner Pierce, called MASTER YOUR MINDSET: Tools to Win the Inner-Game. This podcast was inspired by the small group meetings I have with many athletes, where we talk about mental conditioning and essential life skills.

After a recent meeting, one of my stellar pupils, Tanner, said “Collin, other people need to learn these concepts too. We should teach others about the power of the mind and do a podcast.”

I said, “Yo, Tanner, that’s an amazing idea. Let’s do it!“  I’ve recorded a few other podcast episodes on my own in the past, but I have never gotten into the groove to record consistently on my own.  I’m excited to have a co-host and producer with me, to offer a different perspective to help you along your journey of being your best self. 

We have already recorded two shows, and our goal is to record and published two episodes a week. Our vision is to record each episode to be around 6 - 12 minutes long...quick and easy listens, but packed with useful content.

There are so many resources vying for attention, and we wanted to package a podcasts in a way that is impactful but easy to digest as well 

Please listen, follow, leave a comment, and share this with other people. 

We would love your feedback too, so let us know what you think!

The body has limits, but the mind is limitless!

What are you doing to take your mental game and life to the next level? Here is a great tool to get started.

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Collin Henderson