Chris Johnston is the Senior VP at Community One Financial in Puyallup, WA.  He also is the creator and owner of Sparks Firehouse Deli, which is a hub for families and people in the greater Puyallup community.  Sparks Firehouse Deli is known for its fantastic food, awesome ambiance, and excellence service.  Chris is also part owner at Joeseppi’s Italian Restaurant in Tacoma as well as several other business ventures.

Because of Chris’ outstanding achievements, service and commitment to his community, he was honored with the 2016 University of Washington Milgard School of Business Small Business Leader Award.  From organizing parades honoring local athletic teams, to fundraising a new weight room for Puyallup High School, to coaching youth football, and running several successful businesses…Chris has a formula for winning and making a huge impact on others.  See the video honoring him below.


Chris has acquired wealth in many areas of his life – not just business.  He has what I call the Trifecta:

  1. He’s a loving husband and father
  2. He is a thriving business owner and entrepreneur.
  3. He is continually serving his community as a volunteer, coach, and philanthropist.

Chris, like many self-made successful individuals, came from a single parent home, with no money, and limited experience.  Faced with other adversities and set backs, he built a flourishing and fulfilling life through grit, effort, and a “refuse to lose” mantra.  Listen in…I know you’ll love and learn something from this game changer – I know I have and continue to do so.

What a stud!

What a stud!

My key takeway: GET OFF YOUR ASS!  Success doesn’t come to the lazy.  Take action!  What do you need to do right now to take the necessary steps to take your job, career, or dream to the next level?  You’ll only get there through consistent hard work, commitment, and drive. You got this!  Go for it, like Chris does.  Take that first step today and keep at it.

Listen to the podcast here.

If you like this episode, share it with a friend.  Below are links to a few of his businesses.  Go support Chris!

Community One Financial

Sparks Firehouse Deli

Joeseppi’s Italian Restaurant

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