One of my main goals is to be the best husband and father possible.

One of my main goals is to be the best husband and father possible.

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, and had an image or idea flash inside your head like a neon light? Sometimes I do. I’ll get an idea, and my brain just won’t shut off. Inspired by Easter, this blog post is a creation of that occurrence. 

Despite your spirituality, faith, or even religion, there’s no denying one fact – a little over 2,000 years ago, a man named Jesus walked the earth. The record of Jesus of Nazareth has been documented by historians, scholars, and theologians alike. 

Regardless if you believe you are here because of an explosion in space, karma, God, Allah, Xenu (WTF? YouTube “Xenu South Park“…it’s amazing). Or maybe you believe in a different dogma all together. Either way, there’s one thing I BELIEVE we all can agree on – This man they called Jesus was one hell of a goal setter. 

That was my 2 AM epiphany. Jesus may have been the greatest goal setter of all time.

I mean, he set the bar HIGH! I’m talking Elon Musk SpaceX type ish. Being miraculously born from a virgin would probably increase anyone’s swag factor. However, believing to be the son of man, performing miracles, sharing the new gospel, dying for the sins of the world, then coming back to life, and ascending into heaven…Jesus’s goals made Elon Musk’s goals look itty-bitty teeny-tiny. 

The original JB (Jesus born in Bethlehem…not Bieber) dreamed BIG. I’m talking supersized, XXXL, jumbo, gigantic, ridiculously crazy off the wall big!

If Jesus had one thing (besides a dope beard and legit pair of sandals) it was vision. In order to have a clear vision, you must have what I call MVPs: mission, values, purpose, and slogan. Every successful organization has these clearly defined. Why don’t you?

Jesus’s MVPs would look something like this:

Mission – Save the world from sin. 

Values – Love all people. 

Purpose – Share the good news

Slogan – I am the truth, the way, the light. 

Jesus without question could define his MVPs. You could tell by how he acted, spoke, prayed, and what he said “yes” or “no” to. His MVPs drove his behavior to reach his vision. 

Have you taken the time to define your MVPs?

One of the pillars that Project Rise is built on is living a life driven by vision. When you have vision in your life, you have a clear set of goals. Goals create clarity, and clarity is power. Whoever has the most clarity always wins…whether it’s a debate, competition, or getting the sale…clarity just flat out gets things done.

How’s your clarity? 

Did Jesus have clarity on what his purpose and vision was? You bet your Peeps eatin’, mimosa sippin’, Easter pastel outfit wearing ass he did. 

No goal, no purpose. 

No goal, no direction. 

No goal, no life. 

No goal, no soul. 

I have the amazing privilege to have opportunities to speak to many audiences – especially to schools and young people about the power of goal setting. JohnNorlin is the Service GuyHouston Kraft is the Love Guy. Collin Henderson is the Goals Guy. We all have a brand. If you don’t think you have a brand, it’s time to establish one (just don’t be That Guy…no one likes That Guy). 

But wait a sec, who am I kidding? I’m not on the same level right now as John or Houston…but the key word is yet. I’m not on their level YET (come on, where are my Growth Mindset people at?). The fact that I’m not there at this moment in time doesn’t bother me. Not one bit. Because I’m already there in my mind. It’s all ready done. It just hasn’t happened YET. I have a vision and a goal to RISE, just like Jesus. 

I believe with every ounce of my being that having clear goals can transform your life – the way they have mine. 

Goals have taken me from a stutterer to a speaker. 

A perfectionist to an activist. 

A worrier to a warrior…a warrior who feels the fear, but goes to battle anyway. 

Goals will get you out of bed; help you overcome hardships; generate momentum; inspire others; and push you to become your best self. 

My man Zig Ziglar once said, “Don’t be a wondering generality. Be a meaningful specific.” A life without a goal is not a life at all. 

Casey is a testimate of going all in on a dream.

Casey is a testimate of going all in on a dream.

Who modeled the power of goal setting better than the Jewish carpenter? No one. 

Below are 10 lessons in goal setting I’ve learned from the real Jahovah-Jireh, Jesus of Nazareth. Sorry Hova and Yeezus, there can only be One (I can’t wait for the Yeezy Fall Collection though). 

The 10 Commandments of Goal Setting – Modeled by Jesus. 

1. Your goals should scare you

I don’t think you need to take it as far as Jesus did….on the night before his crucifixion, where it says in the Bible that he was in such a state of distress that he was sweating blood (but when did Jesus go small?). If your goals don’t scare you at least a little…you need bigger goals. No guts, no glory. 

2. You’re gonna have haters

For some reason, many people don’t know what to do with different. If you feel your talents and aspirations are unique, pay these haters no mind. Just do you, just like Jesus did.

The Pharisees and the ancient high priests were the OG’s of haters. They were so jealous of what Jesus was doing, all the attention he was getting, the wisdom he had, and the blasphemy that he believed to be the son of God?! Jealously has been with man since the beginning…remember Cain and Abel? 

Listen, it’s sad but, many people aren’t comfortable with extraordinary. Many prefer the status quo…even some people who love you. If you are raising your standards and living with a vision that others can’t see, you’ll get criticized. Criticized because of jealousy, lack of faith, and quite honestly, fear they might lose you to bigger and better things. Sound selfish? Yes, but it’s true. 

I like to think that having haters is good. It means you’re doing something.

Sometimes your dreams might scare others. They’ll say, “You can’t do that,” or “You’ll fail.” Let them be scared and continue to live a life of lazy mediocrity, while you work your ass off, and not listen to the haters, but hold on to your dream and your process. If you stay true to you, your vision, and your goals…you’ll be well on your way to RISE above the fray.  

3. It’s going to be hard

Jesus had an unmatched work ethic. From walking from town to town spreading the gospel, to performing miracles daily, to addressing large crowds hours on end…your boy got after it! 

The amazing fact about having a clear goal that inspires you, moves you, and stirs your emotions – it will give you ENERGY! Even though it’s really hard work, you’ll be able to push through and not even notice the hours you put in. You’ll pay no mind to setbacks. You’ll be able to persevere through the pain. 

There’s no doubt that Jesus suffered to fulfill his destiny. Because he suffered an unimaginable death, his reward was to sit at the right hand of the throne next to his father in heaven. This is the most extreme example imaginable, but it reminds me this simple fact: the higher the level of achievement – the higher the level of hard work and sacrifices required. 

But the payoff will always be worth it. 

Does your goal drive you to work your ass off? If your answer is no, it might be time to reassess your vision and goals. 

4. Break some rules

One of Arnold Swartzenegger’s rules to success is this: Sometimes you’ve gotta break the rules. 

Jesus understood this principle. He followed his heart, vision, and values, and not to the old crusty Pharisee law. He knew what was right – he was fulfilling his mission.  He was staying true to his MVPs, which sometimes meant breaking the rules. Whether it was healing the sick on the sabbath or rewriting a new covenant – a salvation that is based on faith and not just deeds alone – Jesus stuck to his guns. 

We can learn from Jesus’s conviction. 

If old philosophies and out dated guidelines block your path – it’s time to blaze a new trail. The worst 6 words that stand in the way of innovation are, “That’s how we’ve always done it.” Learn from Jesus. Some rules are meant to be broken. 

5. You’ll need a crew

Life was made to be lived together. With that said, our alignment defines our assignment. We are a byproduct of the people we hang with the most. Jesus knew he couldn’t do it alone (hence his 12 disciples) – nor can you. Be open to delegate and seek out help. Just be selective on who you choose. Here’s one tip: If you’re the smartest person in the room, find a new room. 

There’s a cool phenomenon called the Koehler Effect, which as been scientifically proven to show that when people work in groups they perform at a higher level. Whether it’s a greater sense of accountability, or more energy, it’s just proven – teamwork makes the dream work. 

Who’s in your squad? 

Join a small group. Get a buddy to go with you to the gym. Align with a partner to start a new business. Nothing great was ever done alone. Develop a team, and watch your production RISE.

Squad goals achieved: the Hopper’s, Isaacson’s, and Martin’s. Love this crew so much!

Squad goals achieved: the Hopper’s, Isaacson’s, and Martin’s. Love this crew so much!

6. Be well read 

Jesus knew his Bible. He did his homework and could recite all the scriptures. While traveling with his family as a twelve year old,  he was mistakenly left behind because he was studying in his God’s house – the church. 

Are you well read in your field of choice? Have you studied those who have came before you? 

The one thing that changed my life when I was going through struggles was investing in my personal development. I’ve made it a habit to read and listen to books incessantly. I hope you do the same. Eric Thomas, the Hip Hop Preacher often advises, “You are what you know.”

What are you reading, watching, and listening to? 

If your answers are: Facebook, Netflix, and Pandora…it’s time to find new material. 

7. Humble yourself

Jesus didn’t roll into town in a Bentley spinning on 22’s. He was riding a donkey. Humble yourself to focus on what’s important – substance, not flash. Do the grunt work. Start from the bottom. Push your ego aside. If a carpenter can be the savior of man, then you can ascend to unreal heights too. The only way you’ll stay there though, is with humility. Don’t judge your success on things, but in the people you impact and your personal growth. If those elements are your focus, the frankincense and myrrh will come. 


Jesus never looked to take credit for any of his miracles.  Often times after helping someone, he would tell them to “tell no one.”  How many times have you looked for praise for the simplest of accomplishments?  I am so guilty of that…seeking for praise, instead of seeking to raise someone up.

He who humbles himself, will be exalted. Today might be a good day to start to eat some humble pie. You’ll reach your goals faster if you do.

8. Be a servant 

Gandhi peacefully fasted. MLK marched. Mother Teresa fed the poor. Jesus washed feet. It didn’t matter if you were a tax collector, prostitute, Roman guard, or stricken with leprosy, Jesus loved and served all people. 

Achieving is serving. The more you serve, the farther you will go. To me, that’s the definition of greatness. Dave Ramsey once  said, “The only effective form of leadership is servant leadership.” 

While you are striving to achieve your goal, just remember this: The more people you serve, the more abundance and success you’ll create. 

Who served others more than Jesus?

9. It’s never too late

Jesus didn’t perform one miracle, make any ripple in history, or begin his ministry until he was in his early 30’s. 

It’s never too late to get on the goal train and achieve greatness. Look at John Wooden and Warren Buffet. Goals don’t have an age requirement…just a passion qualifier. It doesn’t matter if you’re 9 or 90 for the conductor to click your ticket. Just like Jesus, the goal train accepts all passengers. No matter your age, failures, disappointments, background, or history – everyone is welcome – similar to God’s kingdom.

What debilitating story have you been telling yourself? What excuses have you been making that have created a failure to launch? 

It’s time to start a new thought pattern, and a new plan to finally go after your dream. It’s never too late.


Jesus was willing to die for what he believed in…are you? Are you willing to lay it on the line and sacrifice everything you have because your faith and belief is so intense that nothing will stop you? Belief was one of Jesus’s strongest super powers. By faith, not in acts alone will you RISE. 

A goal without belief is like a car without gas. It won’t go anywhere. Choose faith. Believe in the unseen. Trust your process. Do whatever it takes to get there. If you do, you will be handsomely rewarded…just like the Jewish carpenter from Nazareth. 

Sometimes you gotta just GO FOR IT!

Sometimes you gotta just GO FOR IT!

He has RISEN

I hope this post gives you an epiphany like I had the other night – an epiphany of clarity and inspiration. In order to RISE and be your best self, it starts with a goal. I hope your goal is so crazy and exciting that it keeps you up at night.  If you have a passionate goal, there’s no doubt you will. 

The central theme of Easter is rebirth and resurrection. If you are not where you want to be, that is OK. Get rid of your old ways. Cease your limiting thoughts. Create a goal and begin a rebirth of the new you.

Here’s a simple exercise to get you started. Pull out a sheet of paper and pen (or use the Notes app in your phone) and create your MVPs. This exercise will give you the framework for your vision – to help you achieve your goals. 

Mission – What do you want to accomplish?

Values – What are the standards and guiding principles that will drive your behavior?

Purpose – What is the reason and “why” behind your goal?

Slogan – Create a slogan or mantra that sums up in a few words what you’re all about and sparks action. Tell this slogan to the world! Put it on your Instagram and Facebook page.

Let Jesus be the model of how to live and love. If you do, who knows, with GRACE, GRIT, and most importantly a GOAL, you can create your best self…and a version of heaven on earth. 

If you like this post or you know somebody that could use this framework, The 10 Commandments of Goal Setting – Modeled by Jesus, please share it!