Alright.  I told you people that I was going to get crazy with this whole studying of selling shit (I tried a few other words, but they just didn’t have the same ring to it).  Based on your feedback from my last post (a big THANKS to all of you who sent in your favorite selling books), the top requested sales book was The Little Red Book of Selling, by Jeffrey Gitomer.  I read it, really liked it, and have already used some of the tactics I learned – like focusing on profit over price with a customer.

Many of you may be into self-help, motivational books, and auto-biographies (those are my favorites).  However, this is selling season – time for expensive things for no reason (ha shout out to my boy Hova).  We all are selling ourselves, we are always interviewing whether we know it or not, and our ability to influence dictates many things in our life…including how much money we make.

Let me preface that life isn’t all about things, new whips (not 50 Shades, but “cars” for you laymans), baller cribs, or how many digits are in your bank account.  Connection, impact, relationships, memories, and how many people we help is the essence of life.  However, what if you can positively impact all those areas, but make lots of money while doing it?  To me, more money doesn’t mean ‘mo problems (we miss you Big!), but that I get to help more people.  I get to bless more in need.  I am able to create more freedom for myself and my family.

Utilize this list and make it rain with Lil’ Wayne and this guy

Utilize this list and make it rain with Lil’ Wayne and this guy

So here is how you do it.  I call this the 8 M’s of Making Money.  This system was largely inspired by 3 books I read by Grant Cardone, sprinkled with my other readings, and life experiences.  This is less about investing and more about a framework to take your passion to the next level.  For wealth management and investing tips, read Money: Master the Game, by Tony Robbins.  It’s a game changer (one word: FIDUCIARY).  He also has a new money book out as well called Unshakable.  HINT: the bubble is about to burst; he’ll help you be ready.  Enough about Tony and his big hands and wallet. 

These money making concepts can by applied to two groups: 

  1. If you are a sales representative who is looking to take your sales results to the next level, or
  2. If you are an entrepreneur that could benefit from added clarity by utilizing a systematic approach to growing your business.

So here goes; here are the 8 M’s of Making Money (I picked the number 8 because its the same symbol as infinity…just like the never ending streams of income that is on your horizon if you follow this framework).  

If you are serious about improving your sales or taking your business to the next level, stop what you are doing, and take out a notebook or a few sheets of paper right now.  

Based off of each section, I have listed several questions that you need to answer…if you do and execute on those questions…there is no doubt you will create more wealth for yourself. 

I’m going to warn you though…this is a ROBUST post…but WELL WORTH IT!  Pace yourself, but stick to it and finish it all the way through and you’ll be well on your way to MAKING IT RAIN…

Since I will never make it rain in the club, I’m thinking of other venues that are under utilized to throwing up Benji’s or maybe Hamilton’s are your thing: at the gym, the grocery store, nail salon, getting take-out teriyaki, the movie theater…the options are endless!



This is a slam dunk, no brainer.  In order to dominate your sector, you MUST have an insane amount of belief in yourself and your product/service.  You can’t fake passion, enthusiasm, and an all-in attitude.  Prospecting, handling objections, and closing become a whole lot easier when you have a winning attitude and unwavering belief in yourself and what you’re selling.  You must DECIDE, that you will do whatever it takes to make the sale, and that you have the ability to do it. Prospects can smell what I call CP’s: confidence pheromones.  Like bees, customers can smell fear and BS.  If you are timid and unsure…say this with me in a Brooklyn accent, “Forget about it!”  If your hair isn’t on fire in excitement for what you are selling…why should theirs be on fire to buy?  

Pit Bull, Walt Disney, Gary Vaynerchuk, Bill Gates, Tony Robbins, and Richard Branson all had an insane amount of self-belief in themselves and what they offer, which helped them overcome setbacks and create a road map to achieve their dreams. 

8M Questions to consider:

  • Do you use or would you use your product/service if the situation called for it?  What about your loved ones?  If the answer is no…find something new to sell.
  • Do you believe in your abilities to effectively sell this product?  If not, get some coaching, do some more studying, and practice your craft.
  • Do you love this industry, customer base, and process of the selling.  If you don’t love it – get out and align yourself with something you believe in!

Project Rise Application:

I believe without a shadow of a doubt that what I’m doing with Project Rise is bringing value to others.  I am so convinced and believe so strongly in the principles I teach, because I have seen them work in my life.  I receive an abundance of energy and fulfillment when I help others be their best self. 


In any military mission, there is something called: Commander’s Intent.  Commanders Intent succinctly describes what constitutes success for the operation.  It includes the operation’s purpose and the conditions that define the end state.  When things get crazy (oh and they will), having a clear goal and vision (or Commanders Intent) will keep you on track.  Partnered with Commanders Intent, is this one question, “What are you willing to sacrifice?”  This boils down to your values.  This set of values will help you make the tough decisions.

8M Questions to consider:

  • Clearly and succinctly define what you want to achieve (Your Commanders Intent).
  • What does success look like to you?  Think about starting with the end in mind first.
  • What is your offering?  Do your customers 100% understand what you offer and the value associated with the product or service?
  • What is your story?  Story telling is the most effective way to grow support, investors, and buyers.  If done effectively, story telling creates emotion and feelings.  The wealthiest are the best storytellers. 
  • Make a list of your core values that will drive your actions (what to say “yes” or “no” to) and will help you determine what to fight for.

Project Rise Application:

Success for me would look like this:

  • Be able to monetize Project Rise as our sole source of income
  • Witness positive transformation and improved results in individuals and teams from directly working with me
  • Be a best-selling author
  • Be a sought after speaker on mental performance
  • Positively impact in some way 20 million people by 2020 (go ahead and laugh at me…I don’t care!)
  • My values are B.U.I.L.D.: Believe. Unselfish. Integrity. Learn. Discipline.


Motives matter.  Having a clear “Why” and reasons for achieving your vision is everything – not only for you (internal motivation), but your customer as well (external motivation).  If money is your only internal motivator, you will not sustain the drive necessary to keep going.  Also, if your motivation is not powerful enough, you will have a hard time overcoming hardships and setbacks.  

In terms of external motivation, ask Simon Sinek…people buy WHY you do what you do, not what or how you do it.  If people external from you and your organization do not connect with your “why,” they won’t buy what you are selling.

I often use the TOMS shoe company as an example here.  Their “one for one” motto has helped them impact thousands of lives by providing free shoes to kids in need.  This “why” has also helped them sell millions of shoes – which is a double win!

8M Questions to consider:

  • Why are you doing this?
  • Can you list the reason(s) behind your mission?
  • What is your “Why” story?…write it down and practice saying it.
  • Can you clearly articulate what motivates you to potential customers and investors?

Project Rise Application:

My reasons behind Project Rise are… 

  • I struggled with insecurities and negative self talk for most of my life, which held me back from being my best self.
  • Through my decent and RISE, I want to help others RISE with me.  I desire to be a lifelong student of mastering one’s mindset.
  • Finally, I will generate enough income to support my family comfortably, which will allow Kendra to focus 100% on being a mom and CEO of the house.


Identifying WHO has the means to make the decision and purchase your product is as D. Trump would say, “HUUUUUUGE.”  The more niche you can be the better.  Remember this saying, “Scratch an itch. Find a niche, and you’ll be rich.” (you can add “bitch” in there at the end to get a laugh)

8M Questions to consider:

  • Who is your target audience?  
  • Who has the means to buy what you are selling?
  • Who are the decision makers?
  • How can you get in front of them more?

There’s money out there waiting to be used on what you have to offer.  You just need to identify with crystal clarity who that group and specific set of people are (or person).

Project Rise Application:

My customer base includes:

  • Businesses looking to improve mindset, sales, and culture
    • Mangers, VP, and directors of sales have the money
  • Athletes and athletic teams 
    • Parents have the money
    • AD’s, coaches, and booster clubs have the money
  • Scholastic settings (schools and universities)
    • Principles, department heads, and district office folks have the money
    • Clubs, groups, and associations have the money (especially for conferences)

The next step would be to get them on board with the value and benefits of your offering…not price.  Objections are never on the price, but the perceived lack of value…we’ll get to more on that in METHODS.


Have you ran the numbers?  Generating the wealth you need is a simple equation that can be preemptively set up.  Based on your mission and goals, look at these questions…

8M Questions to consider: 

  • How much money do you WANT to make each month and year?
  • How much do you NEED to bring in to keep the lights on, cover expenses, and support yourself, family, and staff (if you have any)?
  • Based on this, how many sales do you need to make?  For example, If I want to make $100,000 in six months, I’d need to sell $100 worth of product to 1,000 people…or $50 to 2,000 people…or $200 to 500 people.  This approach simplifies and makes the process less overwhelming and gives you a measurable goal that you can track.  
  • How much money will you need to invest in the growth of your company to get started or to take it to the next level (new website, consulting, expanding, advertising, more sales, etc.)?

Project Rise Application:

I’m currently working on this as we speak.  I recently took some money out of savings to invest in:

  • Costs to launch my brand and updated offerings on a higher level – including a new website and video content
  • I recently finished the content of my first book (can’t wait to tell you more about it!), and I’ve budgeted funds to support it’s completion and launch
  • I have a specific number in mind in how much I need to bring in. 


Ideas are good, but actions are better.  This section is all about creating a plan to identify what the most important actions are needed to achieve your goal.  Methods also have to do with the most important word in sales: VALUE.  What are your methods to bring value?  In the many crowded markets that we operate in, how will you differentiate yourself and your product?  Developing a daily, weekly, and monthly process is the most effective way to perform at your best.  This single step is why I have had the success I’ve had in my medical device sales role (Rookie of the Year, back to back Top Performer Award, #1 in product orders in the nation last year).  Your PROCESS is everything.  #trusttheprocess.  To get there, answer these questions…

8M Questions to consider:

  • What actions must I complete to take me closer to my goal?
  • When will I achieve them?
  • How often will I perform key tasks per day, week, or month?
  • What is my value proposition?
  • How am I, my product, and/or service different vs. the competition?
  • What are my strengths?  How can I play to them more?

If you can master these 3 concepts, I guarantee you will out pace and out value your competition.  Own these 3 areas:

  1. Anticipation – Anticipate the needs of the customer and market first.
  2. Innovation – Don’t follow the heard, offer a new or different solution to the customer that solves a problem.  If you go the same direction as everyone else, it will be harder to get noticed.  Be different! When you can identify that need and pain point, and where there is a gap in the market…that is where you strike!  Formulate your offering in this space.
  3. Domination – For the buyer, competition is good, but it’s not for you.  Don’t compete in your space, own and DOMINATE your space.  This will only happen with sacrifice, strategic thinking, and precision and execution. 

No one anticipated, innovated, and dominated better than Steve Jobs and Apple when he took over in 1997.  Jobs helped spawn the iMac, iPod, iTunes, Apple Store, iPhone, and iPad. By the time he was done…Apple didn’t have competition!!!  He changed the game forever (1 billion devices used world wide – Jobs got the job done).

Project Rise Application:

This one is a beast.  Here is just a small sample…My methods include:

  • Offer a consistent brand of excellence that brings value through:
    • Uplifting posts on social media
    • One podcast a week
    • One video a week
    • Secure 3 speaking gigs a month
  • Be authentic and vulnerable
  • Be the best storyteller in the business
  • Add humor and humility
  • Give actionable tools and resources with every encounter (either one one one, with a group, or through my blogs, videos, or podcasts).


It’s a marathon, not a sprint.  A HUGE goal can sometimes feel overwhelming.  Often times the hardest step is the first one.  Break down your action plan in mini-seasons and preemptively set milestones that you are looking to achieve.  When you hit these milestones…CELEBRATE!  The grind is real.  Reward yourself by setting multiple action goals along the way that build over time.  This will help you build confidence and not be overwhelmed by the process. 

My senior year in football at WSU, we won the Pac-10 Championship by breaking down our season in several mini seasons: 1. Beat Idaho, 2. Win our non-coference games.  3.  Go undefeated at home.  4. Finish strong in November.  5. Be Pac-10 Champs and go to the Rose Bowl (which we did!).  How can you apply this concept in your business?

8M Questions to consider:

  • What is the most important first step for you to take to dominate?
  • How can you break down your vision into multiple seasons or sections…with each one getting more challenging than the previous?
  • Can you list several key milestones?
  • How will you reward yourself AND hold yourself accountable for achieving these milestones?

Project Rise Application:

My milestone points that will build momentum:

  • Launch website
  • Finish book and get published
  • Secure multiple streams of income through:
    • Individual coaching
    • Speaking endevours
    • Book sales
  • The ultimate milestone: Host a RISE Party book launch that is a mix between an educational seminar and a dance party…holla!!!!


Any industry, skill, trade, or technique you want to learn has already been mastered and someone has written a book about it.  Go to a Barnes & Noble store (if they even exist where you live) or go on Amazon or iTunes and buy or download some books.  There are at least 10 + books in the field you are working in.  Study and master those concepts.  Discover who the best in your company is and build a relationship with them.  If you run your own business, research through your network to find individuals who are more seasoned or on a higher level than you.  Ask these people if the would mentor you (think about how you can bring them value as well).  Join a Master Mind small group and learn from other leaders in your field.  


You’ll learn more in 4 weeks with an expert in your field versus going to 4 years of college.  Success leaves clues.  In order to innovate, you need to master what already has been offered first.  Somebody has already paved the way for you.  This technique is called “drafting.”  Just like in bike and car racing – you’re following an established leader.  Follow the path modeled by someone who has been extremely successful and is winning.  Wisdom is created in one of two ways: 1. By experience, or 2. By learning from others who have already done it.  Based on my “drafting” analogy, which one is the most efficient, requires less failures, and will save you energy?…I hope you said, “learning from others.”  Below are options to learn from others who have paved the way.  These mentors can be found in many difference forms.  

8M Questions to consider:

What people or topics will you research or connect with in these 7 areas?  I call this VAP2ERS Modeling.


Mentorship is such an underrated tool for success.  Get your mentors lined up now and watch how much faster you’ll reach your financial goals!!! I’m so passionate about this topic, I could write a whole other blog post on this!

Project Rise Application:

I’ll use my VAP2ERS Model to share who my mentors are…

  • I watch a TON of YouTube VIDEOS on:
    • Tony Robbins
    • Gary V.
    • Simon Sinek


  • ELECTRONICS…let’s face it, we all have a smartphone and/or tablet.  Use them for something productive instead of Snap, Insta, Twitter, and FB.  I recently downloaded on my iPad and read:
    • Sell or Be Sold, Grant Cardone
    • I use Wikepedia constantly
    • I Google stuff non stop
    • Remember to use YouTube as a platform to learn…not just watch cat videos
      • My work mentor this year is a 5-time Manager of the year in my company and an amazing guy: Rick Schulz.  We talk on the phone at least once a month about leadership, vision, balance, and execution.
      • I’m doing Life Coaching with an entrepreneur and business owner named Sean McCormick. He owns Float Seattle…if you want a relaxing experience for your mind, body, and soul…you got to check it out!
    • SMALL GROUP…Meeting once a month with several like minded individuals that challenge you and hold you accountable is such a life changing advantage.  I’ve been meeting with two small groups this past year.  Even though I am out of town for our meeting tomorrow…my guys are Skyping me on by boy B. Hopp’s big screen in his office at 6:15am…now that is dedication! (shout out to the Power Tribe: Mike Isaacson, Charly Martin, and Brian Hopper).  Love you guys and I learn so much from you!

     Is this list perfect and the end all be all?  No, but’s a great place to start.  

    I have the desire and patience to see this list through.  Do you?  We all have to start somewhere.  Take an hour…go to a Starbucks.  Brainstorm ideas with a Master Mind group of people who inspire you.  Just stop thinking, daydreaming, and wishing…START DOING!

    Use the 8 M’s of Making Money as your template to create the road map of success.  Big time results will not just magically happen.  You have to put thought, effort, and energy into creating your mindset and plan.  Once this step is done…it’s time to EXECUTE.  

    I believe in you and can’t wait to hear the success stories on how you took this first step in controlling your financial destiny by pursuing your passion, playing to your strengths, and positively impacting others along the way – all while utilizing these 8 steps to becoming the wealthiest version of you! 

    Possible book cover?

    Possible book cover?