Holdin’ it down in Mike’s beautiful Kirkland home and office

Holdin’ it down in Mike’s beautiful Kirkland home and office

Project Rise Podcast Episode 2’s guest is Mike Isaacson.  Mike is a Wenatchee boy who now lives in Kirkland with his wife, Jodi, and two beautiful girls, Quinn and Eva.

I first met Mike the summer after high school during the week of the Washington State East-West All-State football game.  We then became teammates at Washington State University.  Mike’s outgoing personality, sincere curiosity, and passion for peak performance made the perfect formula for us to connect and be great friends for many years.

Why you should listen?

To say Mike is crushing it would be an understatement.  After being a successful sales rep for several years in the highly competitive spine medical device industry, Mike was promoted to a District Manager at Medtronic at the age of 29, and now is an area Vice President at Ortho Kinematics.

On paper, Mike has all the measurables of success – he has the houses, the cars, and the financial freedom that come with high achievement – but, what I’m most impressed with is his work ethic, passion to serve others, and how he is as a loving husband, father, and devoted friend.  I truly love this guy and I want you to enjoy some of the things that Mike has taught me over our 18 years of friendship.

In this episode, Mike tells powerful stories of overcoming adversity, leadership, investing in your personal development, and examples of being a young entrepreneur.

Take a listen and if you enjoy this episode, share it with a friend.  Thank you!

Listen to the podcast here.