I want to have a personal conversation with you right now. It's a new year and time to look yourself in the mirror and decide what you want to change, improve, or enhance in 2018. I want to cut the BS and really speak to you. Wake up! You are getting older each day and if there was ever an excuse or a reason to take is now. Do not waste another year with one of the worst four letter F-words ever: "I'm FINE." F-that! Stop being "fine," and start dominating.

During this holiday season, I've taken a few days off and have really thrown myself into learning new content to prepare myself for a new year full of exciting opportunities. To prepare myself, I've been reading books during the kids nap time, listening to audiobooks while I drive or workout, and I've been watching/listening to YouTube videos while I go on early morning walks, and even in bed while I fall asleep.

Getting my mind and body right at the gym.

Getting my mind and body right at the gym.

I've been taking mental and written notes non stop and feel like there has been an awaking in the Force (insert Star Wars' Kylo Ren's voice there) inside my spirit, and I love it. When was the last time you felt an awakening inside your soul? I have put myself through a crash course of positive psychology, peak performance, recovery, and habit creation from the top leaders in these fields. I've done this to not only prepare myself to ATTACK 2018 with enthusiasm and purpose, but to help you execute on your vision and goals for 2018 as well. I know my purpose: to help people perform at their best.

Why do you get out of bed? Your purpose is the most powerful performance enhancer.


Below is a list of my 16 mentors, teachers, and guides I've studied the past several weeks. I've put a link to all of these game-changers to help inspire, inform, and keep you going as you strive to be your best self this year and throughout your journey of self-discovery. In no particular order, get ready to go down a worthwhile rabbit hole of excellence.

  1. Peak Performance: Elevate Your Game, Avoid Burnout, and Thrive with the New Science of Success, Brad Stulberg & Steve Magness
  2. Carl Lentz, speaker, author, pastor, baller, Own the Moment
  3. Jocko Willink, Navy Seal veteran, entrepreneur, podcast host, author (Discipline Equals Freedom)
  4. Dr. Maxwell Maltz, One of the original thought leaders on self-image, self-talk, visualization, and goal setting (Psycho-Cybernetics
  5. Brian Cain, Peak Performance Coach, Washington Nationals, author, speaker
  6. Justin Su'a, High Performance Coach in the NFL & MLB, Increase Your Impact Podcast, Parent Pep Talks: 10 Mental Skills Your Children Must Have to Succeed in School, Sports, and Life
  7. Dr. Michael Gervais, Performance Psychologist, Finding Mastery Podcast
  8. Chad Veach, speaker, stud, author, pastor, Faith Future Forward
  9. Trevor Moawad, Mental Conditioning Coach for Alabama, Florida State, and Russell Wilson
  10. Colleen Hacker, PhD, Olympic Mental Skills Coach, author, professor, speaker
  11. Tim Grover, Performance Trainer for Kobe, Michael Jordan, CEO at Attack Athletics, author
  12. Gabrielle Bernstein, author, speaker, positive energy seeker
  13. Houston Kraft, speaker, trainer, kindness advocate
  14. Dr. David Vago, Expert in Mindfulness, Director of Cognitive Neuroscience at Vanderbilt University
  15. Andy Puddicombe, Founder of the mindfulness app Headspace (a must for you to gain clarity, calm, awarness, and wisdom for 2018)
  16. Dr. Brene Brown, She is simply, speaker, and researcher in vulnerability and shame

Founder of McDonald's Ray Kroc said it best, "When you are green you grow. When you are ripe, you rot." Winners do what others aren't willing to do. Also, champions are always looking to improve and grow their knowledge. Use the list above to help guide you this year and to help keep you motivated to see your goals through.

What are you investing in?

What are you investing in?


Based on my learnings, below are my 8 Keys to attack 2018 and make it the best year yet:

  1. Be where your feet are. (Reliving the past or obsessing on the future will not serve you. Be present in the moment - that is where beauty and excellence are found)

  2. Do a little a lot. Not a lot little. (This is called the Slight Edge - what are one or two habits you can do consistently, instead of waiting until the last minute and being overwhelmed? Be patient..those little things will eventually compound and turn into big things. For example, if you double a penny each day for 30 days, that once cent will turn into $5 million dollars)

  3. Positive thinking doesn't always work. However, negative thinking always works...for the negative. (No thought is idle. How can you filter the things around you that suck energy and create negativity?...for example: negative news outlets, social media, people in your life, catastrophesizing the future, etc.)

  4. Don't waste a mistake. (How can you use mistakes and adversity to serve you and learn from. Remember to "park it," and come back to it when a similar situations arises...this time you'll be ready.)

  5. Success leaves clues. (When were you performing at your best? Recall what habits and rituals you were doing during those might be time to bring back some of those habits. Also, study who is elite in your field and model their behaviors as well.)

  6. Make kindness normal. (The secret ingredient of success is culture. The heart of a winning culture is kindness. Kindness to others and even being kind to yourself when you make a mistake will help you and your team go further this year.)

  7. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. (Stop playing small. It's time to lean into your fear. A recent study showed that when a group of people actually attempted their fear, 79% said "it wasn't that bad." The elite are able to attack their fears and use that energy as fuel to grow instead of fire to burn.)

  8. Mindfulness matters. (Rest and recovery are critical factors of success. Just 10 minutes a day of sitting without technology and getting centered with your breath and thoughts will help you unlock the 4 Keys of Mindfulness: Clarity, Calm, Awareness, and Wisdom. You already have all four of those inside of you. Allow your subconscious the time to unlock your inner power.)

If it works for Russell, give daily mindfulness a try.

If it works for Russell, give daily mindfulness a try.


Now that you have your 16 Mentors and 8 Keys locked and loaded, let me offer you 3 tips to really pull your 2018 goals through.

  • Tip #1: Write your goal down. A 2006 study from USA Today showed that people who wrote their New Year's Resolution down, were 1,000 percent (that is not a typo) more likely to achieve it versus those that did not write their resolution down.
  • Tip #2: Tell someone one habit you'd like to change, and not your outcome goal. My mind was blown recently by this bit of information. I've always thought that telling people your goals is good, but this actually often times back fires (more info on this concept here). Instead, focus on one commitment and habit. For example, Alabama Football has no outcome goals posted anywhere in their facilities...only process goals.
  • Tip#3: What is your One Word? Every year Kendra and I select one word for the year to help with our intention and focus. My word this year is "Present," as in I want to be more present in everything I do. Kendra's is "Abundance." What is yours?


Good luck. Use these mentors, keys, and tips to stick with your goal and plan for the long haul. If you ever need motivation, watch this video. I love me some Jocko. This was my favorite collection of wisdom during my studying...we all can learn from a Navy Seal Commander. 

If you liked this post, share it with a friend and let me know what your favorite mentor, key, or tip from my list above. Let's help each other RISE in 2018!

To learn more about how to be your best self, order my book Project Rise and it's coutnerpart, The Rise Journal, to create the  mindset and plan to achieve your goals. Order the books here.

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