Maybe my favorite phrase EVER!

Maybe my favorite phrase EVER!

As we embark on a new year, we often set New Year’s Resolutions that might include: losing weight, reading more, spending more time with your kids, or maybe it’s come up with a system to de-clutter your garage (Hello! I need help in that area).  So how are you going to get there and stick to your goals?

Let me share 3 strategies that will significantly increase the likelihood that you stick to your resolution:

  1. Write it down
  2. Come up with a word or phrase for the year that will drive action
  3. Share it with others to help hold yourself accountable 

Write it down

In 2006, USA Today reported a study where they divided a large number of people who made New Year’s resolutions into two groups: those who wrote their resolutions down and those who didn’t.  Of the people who set New Year’s resolutions, but did not write them down, only 4%actually accomplished their goal.  Conversely, the group that wrote their New Year’s resolutions down, 44% followed through with their goal.  What a huge difference one simple exercise that only takes minutes makes!  It’s imperative to write your goals down!

Come up with a word or phrase for the year

There have been two books written about the power of coming up with “one word.”  The first is by Jon Gordon, who is a leader in team building and personal development.  His book One Word That Will Change Your Life is a simple quick read.  See Jon’s video below on the power of your one word.  Another book on the topic of coming up with a word to give you focus and vision came out recently called Your One Word, by Evan Carmichael.  Carmichael inspires thousands by his YouTube channel where he breaks down successful people’s strategies and beliefs to help others.

When you have your one word, make sure it is yours and no one elses.  Make sure it stirs up emotion inside of you.  Finally, make it a word or phrase that will inspire action.  My word for 2017 is:

LOVE – love God, love myself, love others, and love life by these 4 values.

Llearn – strive to learn

Oovercome – attack any and all adversity and fear

Vvalue – bring value to as many people as possible

Eenergy – get more sleep, meditate more, and do more things that gives me energy


Share it with others

In order to make your one word or phrase live, include someone else or others on your mission.  If you do not come up with a way to hold yourself accountable, it will be tough to pull it through.  Here are some ideas for you:

  • Tell someone you care about your one word
  • Challenge them to come up with their one word
  • Post your word/phrase of the year on social media
  • Make a bet with someone to hold yourself to your goal
  • Create an action plan
  • Start small and continue to build on your actions – this builds confidence
  • Reward yourself when you execute

Click on this link to download your Word of the Year Game-plan Worksheet.  This single sheet of paper is easy to fill out and will help you bring your word to life, create 3 action steps you can start today, and offers a few simple tactics to hold you accountable.

You can do it!!!  I believe in you.  Let’s make 2017 our best year yet.  Creating and living by your one word will help you do just that!  Much love to you and your family this year!!!  

G Disain