Clear Focus of What You Want + Action + Consistency = Results

The more and more I study topics of change, enhancing one’s mindset, and self improvement, I’ve been drawn to one common denominator….HABITS.  Self help guru Tony Robbins calls them “rituals,” others call them your routine or pattern…whatever it is you want to call them, the daily decisions you make determine your destiny…ooh I like that, I think I’ll say it again, but with more oomph!

Your daily decisions determine your destiny!

We all wake up each day with an unspeakable power…no matter how much money you make, where you live, your education, your background, or your circumstance, we all have the power to choose.  The difference between those at the top versus those who are average or living in scarcity, is the people who have extreme success are willing to do what others are not.

During my time as a student-athlete at WSU, we had several signs up in the weight room to motivate us.  The only one I remember said this:

There are two pains in life: 



There are few things in life that sting more that the agony and life sucking pain of regret.  So, what’s the alternative?  Making the decision to go all-in and go for it is the only way.  Hard work might sound a little harsh for some of you…if you are one of those people, substitute the term hard work with the word “discipline”.  Often times we don’t have to work harder, but smarter.  Working hard is great, but if it doesn’t align with a specific plan, you won’t get very far.  For example, you can be busting your butt raking leaves for hours, but if its a windy day, you won’t get much accomplished.  We need to work hard AND smart. 

Here’s the deal, if you have a laser focus of what you want, you’ve set a goal, and this goal creates excitement, passion, purpose, and brings out the lion inside you….your actions will not feel like hard work.  You will be consumed by this energy and drive to reach what it is you want.  But, ah, here lies the challenge, have you taken the time to sit down and really think about what it is that you want in life…what are your dreams…and what is it that will bring you the utmost joy?  

What is your God given gift?  We all have that something unique inside of us.  Are you living in your gift?  Take a moment and think about that right now…what is it that will bring you complete joy, satisfaction, and a sense of total achievement?…write it down.  Now what actions do you need to take to make this a reality?  Grab a piece of paper and make two headings like this below.  Fill both sides out.  Start with just 1 or 2 actions to get started.  Once you’ve mastered those, add another.  Start to build new habits that will lead you to your ultimate goal…the true champion inside of you.


Remember to set a date next to your dream on when you want to accomplish this.  Goals are simply dreams with a deadline.  Don’t settle and say you are too old, too young, or the timing is off.  Start today, what you’ll wish you started a year from now…five years, ten years from now.  You will never truly live unless you step outside your comfort zone.  

Here’s the thing about habits…they are sneaky little devils.  Procrastination is like a slow forming cancer…you don’t recognize it until its too late and its spread all over your body.  This disease of putting things off makes you feel like you are too far behind and it paralyzes you.  Multi-billionaire Warren Buffet once said that the habit of procrastination creates chains that cannot be felt, and over time become too hard to break.

My man Warren B. knows the power of habits.

My man Warren B. knows the power of habits.

So many people are not looking at the big picture.  They sacrifice long term gain for short term pleasure (going the easy route).  We need to think and make our decisions with the end in mind.  Kendra and I try to parent this way.  A short term sacrifice, we believe will produce a long term gain for our children and their behavior (we are a work in progress here).

Today is the day that you choose to make a new habit.  Maybe its exercising more, quitting smoking, being a better spouse or parent, completing a major task that you’ve been putting off, or going after that job you always wanted.  When making your decisions you can focus on one of two things: the pain or the pleasure.  Many people chose to focus on the pain instead of the pleasure that the results create.  Make the decision to switch your mindset and focus on how great you will feel after you attack your goal. 

Take exercising for example.  Advertise to yourself how amazing you will feel by working out 4 days a week, how much better you’ll look in those pants (hey, summer is just around the corner).  Focus on those pleasures instead of the pain of getting up an hour earlier, of driving to the gym, paying the membership fees, and putting your body through hell.  Overtime these habits and routines will create a sense of ultimate satisfaction and joy…over time you’ll see the results and crave to do what you once put off. 

Prioritize your dreams…no one else will do it for you.  You owe it to yourself.  The clock is ticking…the time to take action is NOW!  Please, please, please check out this article on the important habits you should try to instill in your daily routine…the most successful people in world have…you have what it takes to be one of these people.  Good luck!

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