How’s your fitness right now?  We all know the many health benefits of exercising, but there are many obstacles getting in the way of making working out one of our weekly habits:

  • Work
  • Kid’s schedules
  • Lack of time
  • Several other commitments
  • Don’t know what to do
  • Don’t enjoy it 

All of these are real challenges, but we need, have to, and MUST make physical fitness a key piece of our routine to be the best version of ourselves.  According to the Mayo Clinic, let me remind you of a few of the physical benefits:

  • Increases energy
  • Combats health conditions and diseases (heart disease, blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, etc.)
  • Controls weight
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Puts the spark back into your sex life (where my married peeps at?)
  • Prevents injury

The physical advantages of committing a life of fitness are clear, but did you know your mental health will drastically improve as well.  Here are some of the advantages exercise will provide your mental state:

  • Improve your mood
  • Alleviate anxiety
  • Improve self confidence
  • Boost “happy chemicals” (endorphins, which decreases depression and increases happiness)
  • Tap into creativity & improve brain power
  • Improve memory

I believe all these physical and mental benefits to be true, but let me personalize why I work out.  I’m a fairly vain person.  I take pride in my appearance and want to look good.  However, I exercise because its an escape and I really enjoy it.  I once was told by former WSU defensive back coach, Kenny Greene, who looked amazing for his age, “Weight lifting is the fountain of youth.”  I believe this to be true.  If done correctly, mixing in weight bearing exercises with some sort of cardio reduces risk of injury, increases energy, and helps you feel and look younger. 

The physical benefits are clear, but I must say, the mental benefits might be more impactful!  The gym is the number one place where I think.  We all should spend at least 15 minutes per day by ourselves thinking.  When I get to the gym, I have my music playing, my blood is flowing, I’m letting off some steam, and I am getting after it!  This personal time is such a release.  Many of my ideas for work, life, and even this blog come to me while I work out.


Need a work out playlist?  Check out my “gym-flo” mix on Spoitify HERE (note Parental Advisory…these beats may make your booty shake and inspire you to turn into the Incredible Hulk; oh and I like R&B and Hip Hop, so there is some creative usage of the English language).   


Find a way to incorporate physical activity into your weekly calendar.  if you have been lagging behind in this department, be intentional with your time and write it into your schedule, just like you would schedule an important business meeting, or lunch with a friend.


What changes can you make to incorporate physical activity to your daily or weekly routine?  The first year we lived in Lakeland Hills, my longtime friend and neighbor belonged to a gym 9 minutes away from our house….I joined and I think I went 5 times all year.  I opted to work out when I traveled or would just go for a jog occasionally when home.  A year later, I realized I wasn’t incorporating enough weight lifting into my routine.  I switched my gym membership to Tahoma Fitness, which is literally across the street from my house.  It’s $20 more expensive than my old gym, which is why I joined the other one…but that one change drastically increased the frequency I workout.  How I feel and the mental and physical results significantly out-weigh the extra dollars spent.  What’s the one thing you can change?  You should treat your body and mind the same way you should treat your marriage…with commitment, accountability, and make it a priority…oh and it should be fun!  Below are my 5 areas to self-fulfillment – physical fitness being one.

Physical Health & Fitness   is one of the 5 areas of self-fulfillment (I’ll talk about the other 4 later)

Physical Health & Fitness is one of the 5 areas of self-fulfillment (I’ll talk about the other 4 later)

 If you don’t belong to a gym, come up with a physical activity plan that works for you.  You don’t need to work out for 2 hours to be effective.  Studies have shown that 15 minutes per day, increases mental and physical health.  If you don’t know much about how to exercise, the internet is a great place to start for ideas, or what I recommend is reaching out to a few people you know who workout in a way you think aligns with your needs and pick their brain.  You could always sign up for a personal trainer for a few sessions to help get you started.  Reach out to a friend and go in to this journy of fitness together.  Teamwork makes the dream work!  Having someone to help hold you accountable, might be the x-factor of making fitness a habit.  Trust me, take action…your physical and mental health will be well worth the investment.

Need a quick workout?  Check out my favorite on the go exercise routine…takes only 10 minutes!