“Never perfect, but never settled.”  

“Never perfect, but never settled.” 

I love this quote.  This is from the 2015 reigning NBA MVP, Steph Curry.  This statement rings so true to me and speaks to some of the issues I’ve had to overcome and still work on each day.  I’m a bit of a perfectionist.  Thus, it pains me to say that I’m a little tardy on my 30 Days of Gratitude and Service posts.  I’m about a week and a half behind schedule.  Forgive me.  I need Steph’s quote right now just like the Golden State Warriors need his lights out 3-point shooting.  This quote hits the mark.  Arguable the best player in the NBA, Curry is reminding me to not let perfection get in the way of very good.  Do not let the thought of not being perfect be the reason why I quit or to take a long hiatus from finishing my blog series (or anything in life for that matter).  But he also says to not settle for average, mediocrity, or anything less than your best.  We are not defined by outcomes.  Sometimes I fall prey to that concept.  I’m working on judging myself not solely on wins or losses, but on my process and most importantly, my effort and attitude.  I’m learning that not being perfect is ok.

This is where some people give up though…when things don’t go as planned; the process or the outcome was not the same as the vision that you created when you started on the journey.  You failed, you missed your mark.  It was too hard or too scary.  Let me just say that writing this blog has not been easy.  I mentioned earlier in my post “Habits,” that I get annoyed when people glorify being “busy”…what’s another word for busy?…I’m looking this up right now…ah found it, actually a few words popped up: occupied, involved, hectic, engrossed (my favorite).

So, it takes me, I’ve calculated, about 1.5 hours per post.  Before I ever typed one word for this blog, I had already thought about content and even wrote down notes for this entire series.  However, additional research, proof reading, looking for the perfect picture, and sighting sources – some posts have taken much longer than 1.5 hours.  Though its been hard, it has been a therapeutic process for me to let myself open up and be vulnerable.  I’ve had to work on not worrying about if people aren’t going to like what I write, or if its not worded perfectly, or if each sentence structure is grammatically correct (did I mention my mom is an English teacher?).  I’m still working on this with my writing and how I live life.  I need to just let it go (where’s Elsa when I need her?…oh that’s right, she’s possessed my 2 year old daughter), be me, and not get wrapped up in what I ASSUME OTHER PEOPLE WILL THINK.  Hey, I’m a work in progress here.

Most people are forced to balance multiple commitments at a time…this is nothing new.  But,
 I’ve been juggling my commitment to this blog on top of managing a 5 state territory and traveling a lot (flying to Anchorage, Boise, Spokane, driving to Eugene and back in one day…that was a doozy), One entire week was spent training a new rep.  On top of that, the time I’m at home I want to be present and engaged with my kids and give my wife the QT she deserves.  Let me just say that its been hard…BUT, meaningful and rewarding.

I’ve received amazing messages via text, Facebook, and Instagram.  I’ve connected with people I haven’t talked to in a long time because a post has really helped them.  One of my most rewarding opportunities that has come from this blog was speaking to the Puyallup Foursquare Church Ministry Institute students on Thursday (this is actually the reason, I’m behind on posts, I was preparing for a lecture).  Being in front of over 80 college aged kids and sharing my message of gratitude and service made all the hard work worth it though.  Chatting with a few of these students and staff after my talk and hearing how impactful my message was, made all the extra hours, getting up at 5am some mornings, missing a few shows on TV at night, and skipping a few workouts, all for the sake of a blog and a message worth the hard work.

I need to invest in an iron (T. Wade photo cred).

I need to invest in an iron (T. Wade photo cred).

My encouragement today is that life is not a straight line.  Things don’t always work out perfectly.  Do not put the burden of perfection on you.  The only person to walk this earth perfectly was Jesus.  When things get hard, dig in, have some grit, and keep going.  Keep your sight on your goals and go for it.  My supervisor when I worked in the WSU Athletic Department, John Johnson, used to say, “They said it would be hard, but they said it would be worth it.”

Don’t be perfect, but never be settled.  

I’m committed to finishing my series 30 Days of Gratitude and Service by next Monday (April 3rd).  If you have fallen short on a commitment, its time to get back on the horse and try again.  I opened with a b-ball quote, I’ll end with one too.  Michael Jordan once said, “I don’t fear failure, I fear not trying.”  I love you all.  I’m out.