Yo!  What’s up?  How’s everyone doing out there?   I am so excited to launch my blog Project Rise.  I have lived such a blessed life and have learned so many amazing things that I’d like to share with you.  
So you might be wondering…what is this blog about and what’s up with the name Project Rise?  The purpose of this blog is simple, my goal is to share inspirational stories, concepts, books, and ideas that I have picked up during my life that will help you reach a higher state and be the best version of yourself.

Project means being INTENTIONAL and having a plan to reach a goal.  I believe that life was meant to be spent in community and if we do life together we have a better chance of achieving success vs. riding solo (sorry Jason Derulo!).  With that being said, I hope to hear feedback from you – my goal is that this becomes a place where you can share and where you’re moved by what others have shared.

Rise is one of my favorite words in the English language.  It means moving from a lower position to a higher one.  It also means to obtain an increase in amount, size, or number.  One of my favorite college professors Dr. Len Foster used to say, “You are either getting better or you’re getting worse.  There is no in-between.”  If there’s anything I’ve learned, It’s that we ALL have room for improvement. While I’m still learning, I hope I can share some of the insights that have changed me, and together, we can get better each day.

I’m so pumped to start this journey – I really believe my life & yours will be transformed! 

G Disain