Music is a powerful tool to get your thoughts in the right frame of mind.  Pete Carroll knows the power of music and how it can set the tone and vibe for his team during practice.  Starting back at USC and now with the Seattle Seahawks, if you go to his practice you can hear the latest jam  in hip/hop blaring from multiple speakers all around the practice facility.  Athletes of all ages and sports know the power that music plays to get them in their routine and to focus before competition.  My official (unofficial) statistic shows that 90% of professional athletes utilize some form of music as part of their preparation – in the car or on the bus driving to the field or gym, and in the locker room getting ready to compete.

Music helps with several key factors that improve performance (I’m not just talking about sports, but to win each day in life).  If the best athletes in the world know the power that music plays in preparation, why can’t we apply this approach outside of athletics? Before you go to work or start each day, designate some time to play music that uplifts you, gets you pumped up, and feeling good (while you are getting ready in the morning, eating breakfast, or driving to work or school).  You can make a playlist (Spotify, Apple Music, or Tidal) or use Pandora and set the channel to songs that you love.  Here is why this a productive strategy to start the day:

  1. You are being intentional at setting at least 3 minutes to yourself to prepare for the day
  2. Use this time to reflect on 
    • Things that you are thankful for
    • What tasks you need to accomplish that day
  3. Use the beat and the sound of the music to feel good inside.  Maybe nod your head or clap your hands.  When you start thinking good thoughts and getting excited for the day, your brain starts secreting endorphins throughout your body. Music helps turn the channel in our brains to a positive one and we can carry out that frequency for the rest of the day.

Seriously – try this.  Play this song and start to feel good and excited for what’s to come for you. Dance, sing or just vibe to the beat. I promise, you won’t be able to help but feel good.

Because like in the song, together through Project Rise………..
I know, we can get higher
There’s levels to your love
And I keep on climbing up!

G Disain