Being that it is fall and the days are getting colder and shorter, I sometimes remenisc of our times this summer at our good friend Jeff’s pool.  Well, technically it’s not his pool, its the apartment complex’s pool that he lives in.  Kendra created a backstory if we ever got asked why we frequently drive the ‘ol minivan through the gated community and unload our kids like ants coming out of an ant pile…she planned on saying she was the nanny.  I mean, she looks young enough…3 kids at 26 years old – I’d believe it.  A lot has changed since we met when she was 18 and I was 27.  Marry them young…”you can train ’em,” is what I always say!  Actually she is smarter than me…without question.

Can’t beat pool time – especially when its 90!

Can’t beat pool time – especially when its 90!

There at the pool we saw Baylor and Bellamy really explore their confidence swimming.  Baylor just turning 4, was much quicker to get acclimated in the water then Bellamy, who this summer was 2 and half.  However, after seeing her brother swim by himself with his life jacket, I think the benefit of being the youngest showed itself.  Whatever Baylor does, Bellamy wants to do.  Bellamy quickly was brave enough to swim by herself without having Kendra or me holding her…you go girl!



The pool is coooold, which created an environment to showcase how their personalities are different. Baylor, being the oldest, is more cautious and analytical.  Bella, being the younger sister, is definitely more of a free spirit and willing to take risks…”Whatever Baba can do, I can do!”  We love that she still calls him that…dear God, please let Bellamy stay a little girl forever.  I don’t own a gun and the thought of her at 16 drives me to explore my 2nd Amendment rights…and to drink…Fireball anyone?!

So here is the contrast: Baylor being more calculating, has to feel his way into the pool by putting his toe or foot in first.  Sometimes the cold psyches him out of wanting to jump in.  Not Miss Bella.  Once I get in she doesn’t have to feel the water first, she just JUMPS IN without a worry or a fear of the cold water.  At the pool, Bellamy is ALL IN and doesn’t let the environment dictate her decision…she just goes for it.  This is a trait that I just love about her and actually is inspiring.  You gotta love it when you can learn from your kids.

Winnie is not quite big enough to swim like her brother and sister…next year.

Winnie is not quite big enough to swim like her brother and sister…next year.

This pool example leads me to this question…How are you living your life?  Are you able to make decisions and go ALL IN or are you doing things with one foot in and one foot out?  Sometimes we just have to JUMP!  Are you waiting for the perfect timing to make a move like asking that one person you like out on a date?  Going for that job you’ve always dreamt about?  Finally getting the degree you always wanted?  Fixing a broken relationship?  Deciding to go after your passion project?  If you are waiting for your ducks to be in a row, I’m afraid you might be waiting your entire life.

When opportunities arise, we sometimes have self-limiting thoughts that sabotage action…I’m not ready; I’m not good enough, I’ll do it next time; I’m not worthy; it will be too hard.  Or the worst…I’ll just try, and If I don’t like it, I’ll quit.  If this is you, STOP DOING THAT!  Timing in life is NEVER PERFECT.  Things don’t always work out exactly the way you envisioned right out the gate.

We have an unspeakable power each day…the power to chose.  If you rely on feelings and feelings alone, you will be frozen, timid, and most likely avoid action.  Feelings lie.  Feelings don’t tell the whole story.  Ask yourself, what is it that you want and go for it!  Get yourself into the correct state and frame of mind to COMMIT and then ACT.  The key is to commit first, because trust me, you’ll get knocked down and fail, but you got to keep going.  Give it all you got, and trust that it will work out in the end.

It’s been said that if you have a plan B, you are planning to fail.  There is only one way to enter a pool or face a new opportunity – and that is to go ALL IN with full commitment and faith.

If you want to conquer the island, you got to burn the boats!  There’s no going back!

Remember Yoda from Star Wars?  He shared some great wisdom on this topic, “Do or do not.  There is no try.”  Learn from Yoda and my kids at the pool…go ALL IN and you’ll see a shift in your fulfillment and most importantly, your personal growth…growth in your abilities, satisfaction, and living this precious thing called life to the fullest.

G Disain